Lunar Commercial Communications:
Providers and End-Users Workshop
27 July 2007 – Hilton Santa Clara




Leveraging Commercial Solutions for Lunar Communications
Hugh Arif

Cisco Systems


Exploration Strategy and Architecture
James Schier

NASA Headqarters


Lunar Communications Satellite Network Architecture Using Internet Protocol, Laser Communication Technologies and Small Satellites
Bob Hanel

NASA-Ames Research Center


Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Introduction
Robert M. Kelso

NASA-Johnson Space Center


Human Service Mission to the ILO
Jim Benson

Benson Space Co


International Lunar Observatory Association
Steve Durst

Space Age Publishing Co


Lunar Communications Concepts
Frank Taylor



Lunar Communications Facilitated by Commercial Spacecraft
Andy Turner

Space Systems / Loral


Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporate Overview
Randall Correll

Ball Aerospace


'Zero Mass' and 'Speed of Light' Lunar Commodities Economy
Klaus Heiss

High Frontier


Geoff Brown
m2mi Corp


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