Year 7 / Temporary Issue X8
Friday / 9 November 2007
Credit: JAXA / NHK
Japan Kaguya Moon Orbiter Images Moon In High-Definition (HDTV) For 1st Time; Image Above Shows Lunar North Pole Near Oceanus Procellarum; China Chang'e-1 Lunar Orbiter On Wednesday Entered Its Final Operational Orbit Of 125 Km Around Moon For 1-Year Study; 1st Chang'e-1 Images Of Moon Expected In Mid-November
Discovery STS-120 lands safely at KSC in FL on Wed; Atlantis moves to launch pad on Sat for 6 Dec launch
ISS E16 crewmembers Peggy Whitson, Yuri Malenchenko conduct spacewalk today to relocate Harmony
NASA breaks ground for Orion CEV test launch pad at White Sands Range in NM on 14 Nov; 1st test on 23 Sep 2008
India Chandrayaan-1 Moon orbiter expected to launch on 9 Apr 2008 via PSLV; 11 payloads (5 foreign), impactor
NASA announces US$1.75M total for 2008 Regolith Excavation, MoonROx Challenges at 'Transforming Space Conf'
Germany planning Lunar Exploration Orbiter as early as 2012 if supported politically; initial cost about US$513M
National Space Security Office to reform ITAR regulations, says Associate Dir Joseph Rogue; hindering intl co-op
UK Ministers developing commercial spaceflight regulations; Virgin Galactic suborbital flights expected NET 2009
Space Pioneers venture in Arkansas selling lunar acreage for "colonization, industrial and mineral rights;" US$28
Malaysia discussing sending 2nd cosmonaut to ISS with Russia in 2010-11; 1st returned from ISS last month
NASA Ames in CA to present 'Return to the Moon Family Night' on 17 Nov; will discuss Ames role in LRO, LCROSS
ILEWG hosts ICEUM10 / Intl Lunar Conf 2008 in Florida, USA on 27-31 Oct (TBC); 2007 Sorrento Declaration online

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