Year 7 / Temporary Issue W6
Wednesday / 22 August 2007
Credit: NASA
NASA Transition From Shuttle To Orion CEV Portrayed In These Recent Renderings Of Ares 1 Rocket Sitting At Launch Pad 39B At Kennedy Space Center In FL (R,C); Ares-Orion Architecture To Resupply ISS (BL) Beginning NLT 2014, Return Humans To Surface Of Moon (TL) NLT 2020; Ares 1 Upper Stage Contract To Be Announced By NASA on 28 Aug
Endeavour STS-118 crew back on Earth after successful landing yesterday at KSC; Discovery STS-120 launch 23 Oct
ISS E16 crew to launch on 10 Oct via Soyuz TMA-11 to replace current E15 crew; 1st Malaysia astronaut with E16
Barbara Morgan's mission far from over; Educator to share her experience with teachers, students across the USA
Japan Kaguya (SELENE) lunar orbiter set to launch on 13 Sep at 10:35 JST via H-2A launch vehicle from Tanegashima
Rocketplane Kistler fails to secure investors for K-1 rocket / COTS, according to Wall Street Journal; US$500M needed
China Chang'e-1 launch date expected soon; Long March 3-A rocket has perfect launch record (14 of 14); US$184M mission
The Space Show features Spaceward Foundation CEO Ben Shelef on Sunday at 12-13:30 PDT; space elevator, more
India Chandrayaan-1 Project Director Annadurai says mission progressing smoothly; USA M3 instrument integrated
'2007 Wirefly X Prize Cup' takes place at Holloman AFB in New Mexico on 26-28 Oct; Lunar Lander Challenge, more
Russia, Europe agree to jointly develop human spacecraft for ISS, Moon, Mars; announcement made at MAKS 2007
'ILOA Founders Meeting' on 4-8 Oct on Hawaii Island; Intl Lunar Observatory, Lunar Commercial Communications
'International Lunar Conference 2007 / 9th ILEWG ICEUM' in Sorrento, Italy on 22-26 Oct; reg deadline 15 Aug

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