Year 6 / Temporary Issue Q
Thursday / 21 December 2006
Credit: NASA
NASA GeneSat-1 Performance Very Successful So Far; Producing Excellent Data; Experiment Will Help Develop Fully Automated, Miniaturized Life Support System For Human Moon Missions, Long-Duration Spaceflight, Safe Space Tourism; NASA Ames, Industry, Universities
Discovery STS-116 lands at KSC tomorrow at 15:56 EST; scheduled to release 2 small scientific sats before reentry; Atlantis STS-117 NET 16 Mar
ISS now running on permanent power setup after P5 Truss segment installed, rewiring; E14 crew unloading supplies, equipment from Discovery
Rocketplane-Kistler selects UGS NX software to design, build, test K-1 reusable orbital launch vehicle
India space exploration missions advancing; Chandrayaan-2 in 2011, asteroid in 2015, human lunar in 2019
Wisconsin contributing tech to NASA Moonbase plan; UW-Madison students, scientists; private industry

China Shenzhou 6 orbital module sending important data to Earth; 2008 Shenzhou 7 to include docking, EVA

'Lunar Commercial Communications Enabled by the ILO -- Users and Applications Workshop' on 19 Jan, 09:30-16:00 PST in Santa Clara CA
Europe long-term exploration plans to be presented at press conf on 10 Jan; follows 1st 'ESA / BNSC European Exploration Workshop' on 8-9 Jan
'Rutgers Symposium on Lunar Settlements' on 3-8 Jun in New Brunswick NJ; to support lunar return
Russia developing long-term space program goals; 4 orbital observatories in 2008-11, ISS, Moon, Mars missions
SFF 'NewSpace 2007' on 18-21 Jul in Washington DC; 'Overview Effect Day' sub-conference on 18 Jul
NORCAT 'Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium' on 10-13 Jun in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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