Year 6 Number 169
Tuesday / 29 August 2006
Virgin Galactic: 60,000 registered interest in suborbital flight on SpaceShipTwos; deposits from 13 countries: 55% USA, 20% female
SpaceX developing "a youthful and highly skilled blue-collar workforce.... a critical issue for the space industry as a whole," says Space Review
20 Space Elevator competition contenders; only 8 last year; testing, qualification begins 14 Oct for event at 'X Prize Cup' in NM on 20-21 Oct
Space Elevator expert Brad Edwards on The Space Show tonight at 19:00-20:30 PDT; also to discuss his views on energy from space
Robert Bigelow hints again that Bigelow Aerospace hotel plans may move up from 2015 completion date projections; details not until 2007
'X Prize Cup' on 20-21 Oct in Las Cruces NM; many events during surrounding weeks, including 'Intl Symposium for Personal Spaceflight'
ISS E13 crew awaiting arrival of Atlantis STS-115 possibly later this week; US$100B station seen as crucial stepping-stone to Moon, Mars
Space Adventures preps for 1st female civilian "spaceflight participant" to travel to ISS; Iran-born American Anousheh Ansari, 39, flies in Sep
China to implement '2-2-1 Project,' says CNSA Chief Administrator Sun Laiyan; includes human spaceflight, lunar exploration, new large rocket
India President Kalam says country is capable of building any kind of spacecraft; to launch Chandrayaan-1 Moon mission in late 2007-08
ISU 'Summer Session Program 2006' in Strasbourg, France thru 1 Sep; 'Talent Night' this evening when students, staff show off special skills
Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea HI cover of 4 Sep issue of TIME; 'How the Stars were Born' tells experience of British astronomer Richard Ellis
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Invitation To Collaborate;
ILO Commercial Communications;
Display Space Ads / Broadcasts From The Moon;
Your Message From The Moon, To All Of Earth;
Establishing A Toehold For Lunar Base Build-Out

Primarily an astrophysical mission, the International Lunar Observatory (ILO) also will have Secondary Commercial Applications. It will be a first communications node on the lunar surface, with the intent of evolving a permanent link throughout the Earth-Moon System.

The advertising package we present to you today combines advertising space in LED with the opportunity to advertise from the Moon directly once the ILO is in place near the lunar south pole, currently planned for 2009. The LED, with added value from instruments aboard the ILO, will attract the attention of the entire planet. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and be one of the first to broadcast your message from the surface of the Moon.

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NASA Orion -- Moon, Mars and Beyond . . .
NASA Makes Safe Bet Going With 'Ailing' Firms as COTS Winners . . .
SMART-1 Scientists Prepare End of Orbital Phase, Continuation of Mission . . .

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