Year 6 Number 138
Monday / 17 July 2006
US Sen Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) announces success of adding NASA boost / reimbursement amendment to FY07 budget bill; US$1.04B added
'Lunar Commerce Executive Roundtable 3: Bridging the Gap' on 17-19 Jul at The Flamingo in Las Vegas; participation by invitation only
SFF 'NewSpace 2006' on 19-23 Jul in Las Vegas; Space Age Publishing Company hosts "eve of 20 Jul" welcome reception Wed at 18:30 PDT
Florida Space Research Institute partners with Zero-G Corp for firm's 1st 2 research-focused flights; 6 Aug trips include US schools, NASA, Italy
NASA participating in 'Godspeed Sail' Boston MA event thru 19 Jul for 'America's 400th Anniversary: Jamestown 2007;' relates to High Frontier's Jamestown on the Moon
NASA Ames hosts 'Vision for Space Exploration Experience' on 27-30 Jul; 10:00-16:00 PDT daily
ISS image taken by Discovery released last week; observers on Earth can take photos; flies over Honolulu on 23 Jul at 17:00 HST
STS-121 Discovery lands at KSC FL today at 09:07 EDT; 12-day mission tested new inspection and repair techniques for future missions
'45th Farnborough Intl Airshow' thru 23 Jul in Farnborough, UK; Space Foundation presents 2nd Intl Space Pavilion: 1,100 m² for exhibits
'Intl Lunar Conf 2006 / 8th ILEWG Intl Conf on Exploration & Utilization of Moon' in Beijing, China on 23-27 Jul; advanced lunar settlement ideas
JAXA 'Countdown to SELENE: New Generation in Lunar Exploration' in Tokyo, Japan on 31 Jul; craft launches in Aug 2007 to study origin, evolution
ESO Atacama Pathfinder Experiment sub-mm telescope (12 m) discovers new interstellar molecule; other new findings in astrochemistry
Credit: ESA / SPC
SMART-1 (R) To Impact Moon On 3 Sep; Laser Link Experiment (L) Tests Long-Distance Communications With Earth: Tenerife, Canary Islands; Inset: AMIE Camera Principal Investigator Jean-Luc Josset (R), Smart-1 Project Scientist Bernard Foing (L)
History Points to Next Big Thing -- Piloted Circumlunar Flights. The success of Bigelow Aerospace's Genesis-1 spacecraft has some thinking about its initial announcements back in 1998, which included . . .
Credit: NASA, Space Adventures
Bigelow 'Baby' Successful, Space Habitat Could House Tourists By 2015. The Bigelow Aerospace (BA) Genesis-1 inflatable module, launched into a 550-km Earth orbit via a Russia Dnepr rocket last Wednesday . . .
Credit: Bigelow
SMART-1 Providing View of Moon in Unprecedented Detail. ESA's Smart-1 has been studying the Moon for 15 months and is returning up to 1,000 images per week, according to . . .
Credit: ESA

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