Year 6 Number 136
Thursday / 13 July 2006
NASA budget boost considered today during US Senate Appropriations Committee mtg in Wash DC; US$2B RTF reimbursement over next 2 yrs
SETI Institute asks astrobiology community to support NASA budget raise / RTF reimbursement; thinks science programs being squeezed
Space Frontier Foundation plans to officially speak out against NASA VSE implementation for 1st time; public recommendations 19 Jul
SpaceDev subsidiary Starsys gets US$4M contract from Lockheed Martin to provide antenna-pointing gimbals for US Navy MUOS program
Gulf Coast Regional Spaceport applauded, location disapproved at FAA public meeting on Tue; Brazoria County TX site next to wildlife refuge
'Rutgers Symposium on Lunar Settlements' on 3-8 Jun 2007 in New Brunswick NJ announced; Haym Benaroya,
ISS E13 working with STS-121 crew; Thomas Reiter 1st public talk from space today (with Europe school); US Pres Bush called station Tue
NASA STS-121 Discovery crew happy; some say Shuttle program is back; many are more reserved, waiting for safe landing before celebrating
SMART-1 continues lone presence at Moon; ready for 3 Sep impact; lunar science resumes after perilune raising maneuvers complete
Chang'e-1 interface problems solved after tests using Smart-1; other long distance sats sought for future tests, says CLEP's Ouyang Ziyuan
Chandrayaan-1 / Mooncraft design contest by for "budding space scientists;" top 20 sketches sent to ISRO Chair Nair, who picks top 5
International Polar Year 2007-08 Europe priorities outlined in European Geophysical Sciences interview with polar scientists Troen and Jugie
Credit: SFF, Space Adventures, Lunar Commerce Roundtable, Rutgers University
SFF 'NewSpace 2006' Conf On 19-23 July In Las Vegas NV Features (R-L) SFF Co-Founder Rick Tumlinson, Space Adventures VP Chris Faranetta, Paul Eckart Of Boeing, Brad Blair Of Colorado School Of Mines, Rutgers Prof Haym Benaroya, ISLP Exec Dir Berin Szoka
Bigelow Prototype Inflatable Module Launches Into Space. "That's one small step for Bigelow ... one giant leap for entrepreneurial space," announces Mike Gold, corporate council for Bigelow Aerospace . . .
Credit: Bigelow
NASA Explorers Point to Parallels Between Return to Moon and Settlement of Jamestown. 400 years after Jamestown's founding, moving into new frontiers still carries the same priorities: find water . . .
Credit: NASA
Lunar Base Quarterly Editors Invite Participation in 1,000 on the Moon by 2100 Plan. The editors of the Lunar Base Quarterly (LBQ, cover pictured) have been thinking about and analyzing lunar settlement . . .
Credit: LBQ

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