Year 6 Number 130
Tuesday-Wednesday / 4-5 July 2006
ISS visible for 7 min over Wash DC at 21:35 EDT tonight; NASA head Griffin, Roscosmos head Perminov signed new maintenance deal 1 Jul
STS-121 Discovery American Independence Day launch may today proceed despite new damaged foam issue; weather delayed 1-3 Jul launch
Discovery requires Canada tech, says astronaut Hadfield; for 1st time, Canadarm 2 controlled direct from CSA HQ; Canadian on Moon soon?
US Senators Mikulski (D-MD), Hutchison (R-TX) may add US$2B to NASA budget to reimburse Columbia, Katrina costs; like post-Challenger
NASA COTS selection NLT end of Sep and program implementation may slip beyond 2010, says Flight International; US$50M in 1st year
SFF 'NewSpace 2006' conf on 19-23 Jul in Las Vegas NV; registration US$295; Bigelow Aerospace tours 20-21 Jul available to US$500 donors
China-America space cooperation could enter new stage with visit of NASA head Griffin to Beijing this fall; NSC Asia Dir Dennis Wilder concurs
India Sriharikota Center may soon emerge as most favored site after Kourou, French Guiana to launch sats; GSLV cryogenic stage test in mid-Aug
SMART-1 boosting its orbit by 90 km thru 7 Jul; allows it to stay aloft until lunar impact on near side on 3 Sep; gives better view of fiery crash
Scotland firm to supply lithium ion cells for USA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (launch Oct 2008); mission to search for human landing sites
'Intl Lunar Conference 2006 / 8th ILEWG Intl Conf on Exploration & Utilization of Moon' in Beijing on 23-27 Jul; advanced lunar settlement ideas
'Mauna Kea: Temple Under Siege' to air on PBS Hawaii's 'Pacific Showcase' on 13 Jul at 20:00 HST; examines clashing cosmologies
Credit: SPC, NASA
International Lunar Observatory (R) Developing Communications Center As
Secondary ILO Function -- Commercial Capabilities; Apollo 12 S-Band Antenna (L); Primary ILO Astrophysics Function Gains Interest, MoUs From Canada, China, Europe,
India, USA
Space Economy Developing Via Entrepreneurs, Interns. In preparation for a robust commercial space economy, many private space firms are taking on interns to help develop new ideas and training . . .
Credit: MIT
UP Aerospace Ready to Make Southwest Regional Spaceport Official. The company that recently called itself "America's affordable space rocket launch resource" now calls itself "the world's premier supplier . . .
Credit: UP Aerospace
Canada Becoming Premier Site for Planetary Analogs. "If you've got to pick one place in the solar system that might contain life, it would be Europa," The Planetary Society (TPS) scientist Bruce Betts tells Ottawa . . .
Credit: The Canadian Press

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