Year 6 Number 126
Wednesday / 28 June 2006
NASA STS-121 Discovery countdown begins at 17:00 EDT today; launch set for 1 Jul, 15:49 EDT; Eileen Collins says, "'s time for us to fly"
Bigelow Aerospace tour offered at 'NewSpace 2006' conf in Las Vegas NV on 20-21 Jul, says SFF Founder Rick Tumlinson; limited
Space Adventures bought Space Launch Corp to help evaluate its XCOR and Myasishchev spacecraft, says Dinerman of Space Review
US$500K Heinlein Prize ceremony on 7 Jul in Houston TX; winner Peter Diamandis put copy of author's The Man Who Sold the Moon on SS1
Andrews Space announces opening of new office in Houston TX; "to better serve NASA and our other customers," says CEO Marian Joh
Space: The Fragile Frontier by Mark Williamson published by AIAA recently; preserving Apollo sites, protecting orbital assets; good reviews
ISS E13 crew says running out of space; 18,000 objects onboard; STS-121 Discovery will haul items back to Earth, but will leave behind more
Russia ISS Mission Control said yesterday E13 crew not in danger from 79 kg of space debris passing 240 m above station; piece of 1963 US cargo
Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization will have HQ in Beijing after 5 member states of UN approve; India, Japan, Russia not signed
Intl team of scientists studying Yungay in Chile's Atacama Desert for signs of life; Astrobiology Magazine reports from "driest place on Earth"
Planetary Society visits Ellesmere Island for Europa analog mission this summer; Mars Society skipping annual Devon Island trip this year to prepare for 4-month Arctic mission next year
IASL-IISL 'Policy and Law Relating to Outer Space Resources: Example of Moon, Mars, etc' on 28-29 Jun at McGill Univ in Montreal, Canada
Credit: ESA / Space-X, NASA / Lunar Prospector
Lunar Swirls Have Scientists Puzzled; Reiner Gamma Formation Does Not Fit Into Current Theories; Magnetic Map (R) Taken By Lunar Prospector Shows Solar Wind Deflection; 3D Anaglyph (L) Taken By SMART-1 On 14 January
NASA Testing Vehicles for Return to Moon. Engineers at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville AL continue conducting tests to support the development and integration of the . . .
Credit: SPC / NASA
FAA Environmental Assessment Reveals More Information on Blue Origin. Although its website reveals very little and its press releases are few, news about, Inc. Founder Jeff Bezos' . . .
Credit: Blue Origin
Future Moon Missions May Solve Mysterious Lunar Swirls. Lunar swirls are strange markings on the Moon that resemble cream in coffee, but on a much larger scale. They seem to be curly-cues of pale Moondust . . .
Credit: ESA

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