Year 6 Number 85
Tuesday / 2 May 2006
Private industry must change for space enterprise to survive, says NASA head Mike Griffin; not enough produced with workers' time
NASA and Spaceward Foundation looking for 2006 and 2007 climber and tether Centennial Challenges space elevator event volunteers
NewSpace News Issue #11 features SpaceX, 'ISDC 2006,' Virgin Galactic, new piloted Pluto mission tech, 1st Rocketplane XP passenger
SpaceDev Starsys Div delivers 'Spacecraft-to-Spacecraft Separation Sys,' 'Orbital Express Capture Sys' to DARPA Orbital Express for Boeing
X Prize Founder Peter Diamandis receives 2006 Lindbergh Award at public reception, 'Explore Extreme Challenges,' on 19 May in St Paul MN
Space Settlement Institute Chair Alan Wasser on The Space Show today at 19:00 PDT to discuss return to Moon, property rights, settlement
ISS E13 crew fires engines to raise facility's orbit on 4 May; begins tests of formation-flying SPHERES on 18 May - continues for 8 months
Japan to develop shoes to help prevent loss of muscle strength in astronauts living on ISS by next Mar; footwear will have two-toed shape
China visit by NASA Administrator Mike Griffin in fall getting much attention by country's press; People's Daily expresses cautious optimism
Canada to issue coin on 15 May honoring 5th anniv of astronaut Chris Hadfield's installation of Canadarm2 robotic manipulator to ISS
'ISDC 2006' on 4-7 May in Los Angeles CA; over 1,000 participants from private and govt space industries; Pete Worden talks on Sun
'Intl Lunar Conference 2006 / ILEWG 8th Intl Conf on Exploration & Utilization of Moon' on 23-27 Jul in Beijing, China; Moon prog leaders
Credit: NASA, ISRO, Brown Univ, LPI
NASA Chief Griffin (TR), ISRO To Sign MoU On 9 May In India For 2 USA Payloads Aboard Chandrayaan-1 (L); MMM PI Pieters (TC), mini-SAR PI Spudis (TL); ISRO Chair Nair (BR), Chandrayaan-1 Proj Dir Annadurai (BC) & Proj Scientist Goswami (BL)
Sustainable Lunar Development Key Factors: Internationalism and Commercialism. NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale says lunar commerce is an essential part of the VSE. Last Friday, Dale . . .
Credit: NASA
Wingo on Marburger: Economic Development of Moon Central to VSE. Space entrepreneur and author Dennis Wingo calls Presidential Science Advisor John Marburger's speech, made at the 44th AAS Goddard . . .
Credit: White House
SpaceShot Wants to Make Space 'Too Popular,' Offers Monthly Updates. SpaceShot, Inc. Founder Sam Dinkin wants to open space to the point where popular takes on a negative connotation, he writes . . .
Credit: SpaceShot

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