Year 6 Number 63
Friday / 31 March 2006
Moon focus of New Scientist magazine 1 Apr issue, with headlines like 'It's time to go back,' 'The ultimate lab,' and 'In search of terrestrial fossils'
T/Space appoints Charles Duelfer as CEO, Chair; helped with NASA-t/Space 2005 contract; will deal with govt customers, promote spaceship
NASA says 'Great Moonbuggy Race' on 7-8 Apr in Huntsville AL helps students' career paths and may eventually land some on Moon
Lunar Development -- Moonbase Portal: Commentary & Information on Development of Moon; excellent lunar resource maintained by Karen Shea
Moon development must consider the 7,000th generation, says Shea; extension of Iroquois' "Great Law of Haudenosanee," which considers 7th
Space Frontier Foundation 'NewSpace 2006' conference on 19-23 Jul at The Flamingo Las Vegas in NV; 'Return to Moon 7' status unknown
E13 crew Vinogradov & Williams, 1st Brazil astronaut Pontes arrive at ISS today at 23:19 EST to replace E12 for 6-month mission
ESA SMART-1 lunar probe to perform two maneuvers at end of Jun to prep for 1-2 Sep Moon impact traveling at 2 km / second;
Chandrayaan-1, 1st India Moon mission, on track and expected to launch Sep 2007; will carry 2 USA instruments (mini-SAR, MMM)
National Space Society, Planetary Society co-host 'International Space Development Conf 2006' on 4-7 May in Los Angeles CA; schedule posted
NORCAT 'Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium' in Sudbury, Canada on 4-7 Jun; planetology, ISRU, commercialization
'Intl Lunar Conf 2006 / 8th ILEWG Intl Conf on Exploration & Utilization of Moon' on 23-27 Jul in Beijing; human, robotic lunar exploration
Credit: NASA JSC, Eric Christian
Larry Toups Holds Mockup Model While Standing In Front Of Lunar Habitation Vertical Mockup (L); Antarctica Habitats Serve As Lunar Prototypes; Robert F Scott's Hut With McMurdo Station In Back (R)
Moon a Platform for Debate Between Human Exploration, Astrobiology. At the 'Astrobiology Science Conference (AbSciCon) 2006,' which ended yesterday in Washington DC, panelists of Session 25: 'Astrobiology and the Moon' discussed the impact . . .
Credit: NASA / AbSciCon2006
Moon: Not For the Faint of Heart, But Many Seek to Make it Home. Larry Toups, head of Habitation Systems at NASA's Constellation Program’s Advanced Projects Office, discusses with Astrobiology Magazine . . .
Credit: NASA
Who Can Fly Me to the Top of the Blue Marble 1st? It's happened. Someone has predicted a frontrunner in the space tourism industry other than Virgin Galactic. CNN says Space Adventures may be the first company . . .
Credit: VG, SA, PS, CA & RP

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