Year 6 Number 58
Friday / 24 March 2006
SpaceX 1st launch delayed to today at 13:00 PST / Sat at 09:00 local time; Falcon 1 boosts Falconsat-2; Omelek Island, 9 degrees N latitude
SpaceDev 2005 financial results conference call on 29 Mar at 08:00 PST; listen in by dialing 877-407-9205
Andrews awarded US$70K contract from NASA Dryden to study Flexible Transpiration Cooled Thermal Protection Systems for Inflatable Atmospheric Capture & Entry Systems
Southwest Regional Spaceport in Upham NM and UP Aerospace prepare for port's 1st launch in a few months - suborbital SpaceLoft LV
Institute for Space Law & Policy Executive Director Berin Szoka on Space Show with David Livingston this Sun, 26 Mar; lunar property rights
Lunar land features similar to Mars' may disprove Mars H2O weathering theory, says University of AZ researcher Gwendolyn Bart
ISS E12 crew readying station for E13 arrival on 31 Mar 23:19 EST; E12 leaves 8 Apr at 04:28 EDT, lands in Kazakhstan 19:46 (local time)
Korea begins search next month for its 1st astronaut; 2 finalists begin training in Jan 2007 thru Mar 2008 in Russia; one will fly to ISS later in year
SMART-1 status good with all functions working nominally; to conduct tone ranging test with China CLTC Kashi station and with ISRO
Purple Mtn Astronomical Obs (Chinese Academy of Sciences) to participate in orbit design for NASA / ESA LISA spacecraft mission
RAS 'Space Tourism: From Lofty Dreams to Commercial Reality' on 7 Jun in London, UK; Virgin Galactic, Space Adventures, ESA to present
Intl Lunar Conf 2006 / 8th ILEWG Intl Conf on Exploration & Utilization of Moon' on 23-27 Jul in Beijing; abstracts due 20 Apr, reg 15 Jun
Credit: NSS, PS
'25th Annual International Space Development Conference' On 4-7 May In Los Angeles CA Co-Hosted By National Space Society (NSS) & Planetary Society (PS); Exec Directors George Whitesides (R-NSS), Louis Friedman (L-PS)
NASA Fine-Tuning VSE Launch Vehicles. NASA's Constellation Systems Launch Vehicles Project Office at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville AL leads the Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV) effort for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate . . .
Credit: NASA
Gallium Electromagnetic Thruster Could Power Moonship. University of Illinois (UI) researchers Rod Burton (L) and Rob Thomas (R) won a NASA grant to design, build, and test a gallium electromagnetic thruster . . .
Credit: Daniel Williams
IceCube South Pole Neutrino Telescope Sees Huge Expansion, But Pace Must Quicken for 2011 Deadline. The cubic-kilometer-sized observatory had 480 optical modules (one pictured) added over the recent Antarctic summer . . .
Credit: IceCube

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