Space Calendar Re-Launch Aims for Weekly Publication through 2076:

Hawaii 15 October Earthquake Ends Nearly 24 Years of Space Calendar Official Continuous Weekly Publication, Jolts Space Age Publishing Company into Accelerated Strategic Planning

Space Calendar, through Space Age Publishing Company (SPC) Offices in California, Hawaii, on the Moon, and / or Beyond, is expected to continue observation, communication, support and calendaring of international, national and individual space / lunar / planetary / astro activities, enterprises and next week's upcoming launches, meetings and events.

Continuous weekly publication since 1983 has been a significant and satisfying accomplishment for many Space Age Editors dedicated to human expansion into the cosmos and transcendence to a multi-planet species. Aiming for the Moon every day is empowering and will continue with Lunar Enterprise Daily, reconfigured for enhanced utility and increased value.

The SPC-initiated International Lunar Observatory (ILO), primarily an advanced galactic sensor for astrophysical data, also will enable commercial communications, thru the LE Daily and related broadcast opportunities. A toehold for lunar base build-out, the ILO is to be a global / inter-global facility, Hawaii-connected, with participation from China, India, Crescent Moon Countries (each with about 20% of the world's people) as well as ISS partner nations.

The October 15 early morning earthquakes, which damaged the then-unstaffed SPC Hawaii Office in Kamuela with falling ceilings and light fixtures and crashing computers indeed, would themselves not likely have terminated weekly publication. This Editor was traveling from the SPC California Office in Palo Alto to San Francisco Airport for a week across the USA in Kansas and New York when the biggest quake occurred.

Ad Astra Per Aspera, the Kansas State motto and my mission, shaped attitude and response as I continued Space Age travels and considered Hawaii mid-course corrections and restoration of office / work-space / vehicle.

Now re-launching, Space Calendar official continuous weekly publication through 2076 will mark 100 years for this dedicated Space Age enterprise -- on July 5, the first day of the USA's 4th century. Realities for SPC the next 70 years, though far from certain, can be projected through Space Age experience, goals and perspective of 30 years since 1976 founding:

The crater dome of SPC's 3rd office, within sight of Lake Armstrong, will need replacing after decades of lunar surface exposure. Attracted by free space, asteroids, Mars, the Jupiter / Saturn systems, and the stars beyond, Space Age foresees its robotic "bureaus" throughout our star system, its sensors interacting with the Galaxy's billions of stars and worlds. Free from and transcending decades of flat-earth, dead-end retreat and reaction, humanity's 21st century space revolutions and trillion dollar stellar enterprises will introduce future generations, and Space Age Editors, to the cities of the Universe.

Best Wishes / Ad Astra, with Aloha,
Steve Durst
Space Age Publishing Company
International Lunar Observatory
Hawaii and California, USA