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Private Space Industry:

Able Space Corp.

Ad Astra Rocket Company

Aerojet Rocketdyne

Andrews Space


Astrobotic Technology Inc.

Astrotech Corp.

Armadillo Aerospace

ATK Thiokol Corp.

B612 Foundation

Bechtel Corp.

Beyond Earth Enterprises

Bigelow Aerospace

Blue Origin

The Boeing Company

British Titanium

Celestis Inc.

Commercial Spaceflight Federation

Composite Mirror Applications

Constellation Services International

Copenhagen Suborbitals

The da Vinci Project

Deep Space Industries

Draper Laboratory

European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS)

Ecliptic Enterprise Corp.

Final Frontier Design

Garvey Spacecraft Corp.

The Golden Spike Company


ILC Dover

Innovative Solutions in Space (ISIS)

Inspiration Mars Foundation

Interglobal Space Lines

The International Space Elevator Consortium

International Launch Services

International Lunar Observatory Association

International Space Company Kosmotras

Interorbital Systems

JP Aerospace

Kelly Aerospace

Liftport Group

Lockheed Martin Corp.

Loral Space and Communications

LunarCubes (Flexure Engineering)

MacDonald Dettwiller & Associates

Malin Space Science Systems

Mars One

Masten Space Systems

Moon Express

Microcosm Inc.

Moonandback Travel


NanoRacks LLC

Near Space Corp.

Northrop Grumman Corp.

Odyssey Spacelines

Optech Inc.

Orbital Outfitters

Orbital Sciences Corp.

PayPal Galactic

Planetary Resources

Planet Labs Inc.


Reaction Engines Ltd.


Raytheon Company

S3 (Swiss Space Systems)

Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC)

Scaled Composites

Schafer Corp.

Sea Launch

SeaSpace Corp.

Seimac Ltd.

Seirra Nevada Corp. (SNC)

Shackleton Energy Company

Space Adventures

Space Expedition Corp.

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)


Spaceport America

Spaceport Sweden

Spaceport Systems International

Space Services Inc.

SP Korolev Rocket and Space Corp. (Energia)

Stratolaunch Systems

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

Swedish Space Corp.

Telesat Canada

Tethers Unlimited


Thin Red Line Aerospace

Transformational Space Corp. (t/Space)


United Space Alliance

Universal Space Lines

Universal Space Network

United Technologies Corp.

Up Aerospace Inc.

Virgin Galactic

UTC Aerospace Systems

XCOR Aerospace

X PRIZE Foundation


Zero Gravity Corp.


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