“New Opportunities…Commercialization of Communications and Navigation Services at the Moon”: Special NASA Panel Discussion

Lunar Commercial Communications Workshop 3

A forum to facilitate and advance pioneering ventures by public, corporate and enterprise sectors to create a lunar communications industry, enabling science, exploration and entrepreneurial utilization of the Moon while expanding the sphere of commercial communications by 1,000 times.


Featured Speakers:

Mike Daly, Senior Engineer, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.

Commencing Lunar Commercial Communications


Robert Kelso, Manager, Commercial Space Development, NASA – JSC

Panel:  New Opportunities…Commercialization of Communications and Navigation Services at the Moon


Fred Bourgeois, Team FREDNET Leader



Imbibo Managing Directors Bret O’Connor and William Lindstrom 

Sponsorship Fundraising for Lunar Missions


Space Age Publishing Company / ILOA – Steve Durst

First time offering: Broadcast, Advertise from the Lunar Surface

(Space Age Publishing Company will have representatives on site to reserve space for your communications and advertising to be broadcast from the surface of the Moon to the web, via the International Lunar Observatory.)

Don’t let your message be eclipsed…give it the highest profile.

Date:                    Friday, 5 September 2008

Time:                    9:30 – 4:00, lunch included

Location:             Hilton Santa Clara

Registration:      $325


For further information and registration please contact:

Space Age Publishing Company / International Lunar Observatory Association

news@spaceagepub.com or 650-324-3705

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