A forum to facilitate and advance pioneering ventures by public, private and enterprise sectors to create a lunar communications industry, enabling science, exploration and commercial utilization of the Moon.

Lunar Commercial Communications:
Providers and End-Users Workshop

Featured Speakers Include:

Hugh Arif, Cisco Systems Inc.
Leveraging Commercial Solutions for Lunar Communications

James Schier, NASA Headquarters
Robert Kelso, NASA Johnson Space Center
Bob Hanel, NASA Ames Research Center

NASA Relationships With Private Sector Communications Providers

Jim Benson, Benson Space Company
Steve Durst, Lunar Enterprise Corporation

Human Service Mission to the ILO (International Lunar Observatory)

Special Discussion Panel:
The Next COTS – Commercial Services for High Data Rate Communications to the Moon
End-Users / Small Sat Builders / Equipment Providers / Satellite Operators

with representatives from

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Ball Aerospace
Space Systems / Loral
SpaceDev, Inc.
Space Age Publishing Company
m2mi Corporation
and other pioneering businesses

Date: Friday, 27 July 2007
Time: 9:30 – 4:00, lunch included
Location: Santa Clara Hilton
Registration: $325

For further information and registration please contact:
Space Age Publishing Company
news@spaceagepub.com or 650-324-3705



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