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Niklolai Abrosimov, Marengo, Russia
James R. Arnold, NASA Ames, USA
Chen K. Arth, USA
Ruiz Begoña, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Jim Benson, SpaceDev, USA
Narendra Bhandari, Physical Research Laboratory, India
Brad Blair, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Per Bodin, Swedish Space Corporation, Europe
James D. Burke, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (ret), USA
Charles Bohannan, Space Age Publishing Company, USA
Bill Carswell, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, USA
Wanda Carswell, USA
Dan Casale, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
Michael Cerney, Space Age Publishing Company, USA
Robert Cesarone, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
John Chapman, J.A. Chapman Mining Services, Canada
Patrick Collins, Azabu University, Japan
Javier Diaz, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Michael Duke, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Steve Durst, Space Age Publishing Company, USA
Sidra Durst, USA
Megan Fisher, student, USA
Bernard Foing, European Space Agency, Europe
Erik Galimov, Vernadsky Institute of Technology, Russia
Alan Holt, NASA Johnson Space Center, USA
Viacheslav Ivashkin, Keldysh Institute, Russia
Eva Jane Lark, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Canada
Paul D. Lowman, Jr., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA
Horst Uwe Keller, Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie, Europe
Jonathan A. Kemp, USA
Kurt Klaus, Boeing, USA
Trygve Magelssen, University of North Dakota, USA
Steve R. Martin, Lockheed Martin, USA
Kohtaro Matsumoto, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan
Wendell Mendell, NASA Johnson Space Center, USA
David P. Miller, University of Oklahoma, USA
Gregory Nemitz, Orbdev, USA
Douglas O'Handley, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Manny Pimenta, Space Frontier Foundation, USA
James Powell, Maglev 2000, USA
Guiseppe Racca, European Space Agency, Europe
John Rather, Wayne State University, USA
Jesus Raygoza B., Mexico
Robert Richards, Optech, Canada
Carol Rosin, Institute for Cooperation in Space, USA
Eligar Sadeh, University of North Dakota, USA
Christian Sallaberger, MD Robotics, Canada
David Schrunk, Science of Laws Institute, USA
Robert Strong, West Liberty State College, USA
Paul D. Spudis, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Yuki Takahashi, University of California Berkeley, USA
Lawrence Taylor, University of Tennessee, USA
Madhu Thangavelu, University of Southern California

Chris Thomason, Space Age Publishing Company, USA
Roger Thomasson, USA
Ting Ting Martin, USA
Paul van Susante, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Leilehua Yuen, Hawaii Island Space Exploration Society, USA
Tamani Yotsukura, Space Business Art, Japan

Recently Added:

Cathy Culver, Lockheed Martin, NASA Ames Lunar Prospector, USA
Geoffrey Little, USA
James Rice, Mars Space Flight Facility, USA
Luigi Bignami, Italy
Vladislav V. Shevchenko, Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Russia


Accompanying Cover Letter:

TO: International Space Agency Directors;
Political and Media Leaders;
ILC2003 / ILEWG 5 Participants;
Interested Public

Many of the 130+ distinguished and dedicated participants of ILC2003 / ILEWG 5 worked long hours and held at least 4 major discussion sessions to complete the Conference "Hawaii Moon Declaration". It is attached below FYI, and for your Respected Consideration and Support.

Compelling questions rise from the Conference: "What national, international or commercial mission will be first to establish a toe-hold for Lunar Civilization? Where will it be?"
A. Power station / observatory / communications ISRU complex at Malapert Mt, Lunar South Pole
B. Hydrogen "ice-water" survey / assessment at Shackleton Crater, Lunar South Pole
C. Other. Please specify (eg, U2 site between Shackleton and Malapert offers mission functions of A and B with compromise conditions)

NOTE: We'd appreciate receiving your 'A', 'B' or 'C' Preference by e-mail.

Finally, we especially extend thanks and mahalos to all the participants involved in ILC2003 / ILEWG 5. The Conference was a Notable Success, pointing to human lunar presence within the decade, and thankfully, will be succeeded by ILEWG 6 in India 22-26 November 2004, by ILEWG 7 in China or Europe in 2005, and possibly by ILEWG 11 in Hawaii during winter 2009.

Sincerely yours and best wishes,

To The Moon - Aloha.
The Organizers, ILC2003 / ILEWG 5 Hawaii,
Editors, Space Age Publishing Company

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