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SPC – Space Age Publishing Company
LEC – Lunar Enterprise Corporation
LED – Lunar Enterprise Daily
SC – Space Calendar
HISES – Hawaii Island Space Exploration Society
NASA – National Aeronautics & Space Administration
ESA – European Space Agency
Roskosmos – Russian Space Agency
ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization
CNSA – China National Space Administration
JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
CSA – Canadian Space Agency
NSAU – National Space Agency of Ukraine
AEB – Brazilian Space Agency
SUPARCO – Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
LAPAN – Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics & Space
NSS – National Space Society
NSF – National Space Foundation
SFF – Space Frontier Foundation
SF – Space Foundation
AAS – American Astronomical Society
AAS – American Astronautical Society
AIAA – American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics
AURA – Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
USRA – Universities Space Research Association
STScI – Space Telescope Science Institute
USRA – Universities Space Research Association
IfA – Institute for Astronomy
CFHT – Canada France Hawaii Telescope
OHANA – Optical Hawaiian Array for Nanoradian Astronomy
HST – Hubble Space Telescope
JWST – James Webb Space Telescope
PLS – Planetary Society
LPI – Lunar and Planetary Institute
USIS – United Societies in Space
SSI – Space Science Institute
ILEWG – International Lunar Exploration Working Group
ILC – International Lunar Conference, also ICEUM
ICEUM – International Conference on Exploration & Utilization of the Moon
RFI – Request For Information
RFP – Request For Proposals
AO – Announcement of Opportunity
MoU – Memorandum of Understanding
EMMB / VSE – Earth, Moon, Mars & Beyond / Vision for Space Exploration
ESMD – Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (NASA)
CEV – Crew Exploration Vehicle
ISS – International Space Station
EVA – Extra Vehicular Activity (Space Walk)
RTF – Return To Flight (Space Shuttle)
RLV – Reusable Launch Vehicle
ELV – Expendable Launch Vehicle
EELV – Early Expendable Launch Vehicle
SS1 – SpaceShipOne
LEO – Low Earth Orbit
GEO – Geosynchronous Earth Orbit