Monday / 21 August 2006
Credit: 4Frontiers
NewSpace Company Looks to Capitalize on 4 Frontiers. The 4Frontiers Corporation is a space commerce company that aims to utilize the economic potential of current and upcoming space frontiers -- Earth Orbit, the Moon, Mars and Asteroids -- to establish an economically viable settlement on Mars. Founded in 2005 by CEO Mark Homnick and VP of Operations Joseph Palaia, the company currently maintains offices in New Port Richey FL and Boston MA. "Its five-year business plan concentrates on establishing a firm foundation in both core technology and early revenue from which it will enter into space during the next decade," according to the company's mission statement. To this end, current focuses of 4Frontiers include space settlements, space law, technology development, Earth-based informative entertainment and in situ resource extraction and utilization. The company is engaged in strategic partnerships involving low-Earth orbital and lunar programs with NASA, the Vision for Space Exploration, European and other space programs, and privately funded programs. 4Frontiers is currently co-administering with the Florida Space Research Institute the US$250,000 NASA Centennial Challenges-funded MoonROx Lunar Regolith Oxygen Extraction Challenge. The first-to-demonstrate competition will award the money to the first company to extract 2.5 kg of oxygen from a lunar regolith simulant (JSC-1a) in a four-hour period. 4Frontiers will have a presence at the following upcoming events: AIAA 'Space 2006' on 19-21 September in San Jose CA; the SGAC 'Space Generation Congress' on 28-30 September in Valencia, Spain; and the IAF '57th International Astronautical Congress' on 2-6 October, also in Valencia.